Website Bundle Promptlate

Write your website words.


Find out what to write and HOW TO WRITE IT, so you can get back to what you really love.


This collection of Promptlates will help you write copy for each of the core pages of your website.


You can be sure that your website copy will capture, connect, and convert the RIGHT visitors like crazy.


You'll Get:

  • Home Page Promptlate + About Page Promptlate + Services Page Promptlate
  • Prompts to get the information out of your head.
  • Templates to choose from: a.k.a. what exactly to write + where to put it.
  • Video trainings to guide you along the way.


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What People are Saying


“I just purchased the website promptlates last night around 7pm...[and] I stayed up until 3AM redoing the copy on every page of my website, following your guide. Today I got an email from a potential client that said "I just looked at your website and it really spoke to me. I'd love to set up a call."


- Hailee from Spring and Bloom