Social Media Captions 


Your social media captions have a job to do.


This Promptlate will teach you to uncover exactly what to write about and how to write it. Before you know it, you'll have content for DAYSSSS, and you'll be building trust and getting your people to take action on the regular.


You'll Get:

  • Prompts (55!) to get the right info out of your head
  • Templates (7!) to choose from: a.k.a. copywriting and storytelling formulas that connect and convert


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What People are Saying


The prompts were incredibly helpful and allowed me to figure out how to best reach my ideal clients while incorporating my personality into my copy. I feel like I have a clearer message and that my words just make so much more sense together. I feel so confident! I know that it is attracting my ideal clients, and I constantly get inquiries and connections with couples who reference my website and specific points from my copy!


- Brenna Stutts, Ivy + Linen Design Co.