Client Welcome Packet Promptlate

Enhance your client experience.


Find out what to write and HOW TO WRITE IT, so you can get back to what you really love.


With this Promptlate, you'll learn how to kick off your client process with a welcome packet that defines boundaries and expectations, establishes authority, and builds some DANG excitement from the get-go.


You'll Get:

  • Prompts to get the information out of your head.
  • Templates to choose from: a.k.a. what exactly to write + where to put it.


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What People are Saying


As soon as I saw Jess's 'Coming Soon' sign, I knew I wanted to wait for her Client Welcome Packet to be put up in the shop. What makes Jess's products stand out is that she gives you examples, in a brand voice, so that you get the feel of how your important information should sound. That way it's not stuffy or formal (my first approach to a facts-based run-down of important information). Jess does an awesome job of walking you through her process to get your words, thoughts, and visions out on paper. So go for Jess, XO. Anything she puts out is going to be high quality, above-and-beyond work. And it’ll help you up-level your words, brand, and business with ease.


- Alyssa from Your Unbusy Life